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Hey Wittians! (:
My name is Brooklyn & my birthdaay and October 15th, any birthday twiins? (:
I love ringette, if any of you have ever heard of it (:
Aha, I'm a total "band-geek" as my friends call me! I play the trumpet.
Sorry if my quotes aren't really colourful and awesome, I just try to be who I am.
Follow me and I'll follow you baack. Or, at least I'll try too <3
Like me, or don't,
I'm just a normal girl. (:
Ringettegirl :)

Everything on my profile, cursor & 'about me' & music & background & comment box was made possible by  _RandomRequests (: shaaanks (:


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Every door
can hide someone beautiful (:

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YOLOD. You Only Love One Direction, well..it's true for me

The best days of the year...
Holidays, Snow days,birthday's, P.D. Days...

the day your period ends♥ (:

decisionDDDFDDFDDFollow for a follow?..
I promise to
follow you baack (:

Have ever told you that I loved you?
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Patrick & Spongebob are watching you <3

nmq. nmf.
*Sorry, I saw someone had this, I just changed it a little (: hope that's okaaay (:

You are like a rainbow on a clody day <3

nmq. nmf.

follow for a follow (:

-ringettegirl <3
I am looking.....
Fave if you are interested.

Dear Everyone who hates Valentine's Day,
Don't be so depressed about it! Valentine's  Day isn't about whether or not you have a boyfriend/ girlfriend! It's about expressing your love for  somebody! It doesn't have to be your boyfriend/ girlfriend! Why not epress your love to your Mom? Or Dad? Or even your siblings? Just expresss your love, it's not single's depression day, or forever alone day!
Love You's, but come on, don't be depressed!
Thanks (:
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