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Hello Stranger!


Happy birthday if today's your birthday, I'm sorry if your life sucks. It will get better, I promise. Don't hurt yourself, you're all beautiful/handsome in your own way.
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1653 notifictions on 4/9/12 Thank you sooo much.<3

Marissa's the name, life is the game.

16 years young, I live in Maine and it occasionally snows in June. No biggie. =)
I'm moving back to Virginia the first chance I get. =)
I've been a vegetarian for five years now.
I'm a secret geek in math team, fuck off.

I write books, I want to be a journalist/author, maybe a lawyer. Self publishing starting hopefully by my birthday this year.<3
I'm going to adopt four boys when Im old enough and their names will be Koppernikus, Skylar, Click, and Gollopogus.(;
I'm totally and completely in love with Eminem's music. I'm no Stan, but I'm one of his fans. =)

People I love: 

My best friends Marlee (marleesue) She's my bfftdea and I would highly recommend commenting her. But you can't have her, because she was my best friend first. >=)<--- check her out. =) and Candice. <-- she may be a total idiot sometimes, but I love her all the same. =) I can tell them both absolutely anything and we all need to form a comedian group and be friends for ever and ever. =)

*Insert long paragraph about how I love a guy that doesn't know I exist.*

I've got a thing for guys who are complete goofballs, have slightly broken pasts, and those guys that you can tell everything to. And he is just that. =)

So there's this guy, and he's extremely attractive. Not only the way he looks, but his personality.
Eh, I don't even know how to explain him. He's so awkward, funny, amazing, and-blah. I've only known him for a few months, but we hit it off from day one and he's already nearly my everything. I have no words to voice how wonderful he really is.<3

I just want you. All of your flaws, jokes, stupidity, sarcasm, giggles, mistakes, smiles, quirks, just you.

This is a lot longer than I had antisipated. Oops. =)

Do me a favor, and don't follow me just because I followed you. I want those faithful followers that actually like me for my quotes, not for all of he favorites I give them. =) But follows are always welcome.


 When life says "Give up,"
Hope whispers "Just try it one more time."


Quotes by rissa7373

Age 11: Worry about internet people finding me in real life. 
Me now: Worry about people from real life finding me on the internet.

Imagine if foods and people switched names
 "Spaghetti, it's time for dinner."
"What are we having?"




How scary would it be
                           if you were to lean back to stretch and a pez popped out of your neck?

& after nine years
of being 
"just friends,"
I can finally refer to him as my boyfriend.

It sucks, doesn't it?

||| F E E L I N G ||| L I K E ||| Y O U ' R E ||| A L W A Y S |||

Second choice.


I hate how many times a day 

That I have to remind myself


"I don't love him."




Floorboard: Oh, you want to sneak out?
Floorboard: Let me play the song of my people.

Me: *Does five situps*
Me: Where are my abs?


Something you tell everybody to tell nobody.