Status: You're beautiful, don't let anyone tell you different, especially yourself.(;
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Hello Stranger!


Happy birthday if today's your birthday, I'm sorry if your life sucks. It will get better, I promise. Don't hurt yourself, you're all beautiful/handsome in your own way.
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1653 notifictions on 4/9/12 Thank you sooo much.<3

Marissa's the name, life is the game.

16 years young, I live in Maine and it occasionally snows in June. No biggie. =)
I'm moving back to Virginia the first chance I get. =)
I've been a vegetarian for five years now.
I'm a secret geek in math team, fuck off.

I write books, I want to be a journalist/author, maybe a lawyer. Self publishing starting hopefully by my birthday this year.<3
I'm going to adopt four boys when Im old enough and their names will be Koppernikus, Skylar, Click, and Gollopogus.(;
I'm totally and completely in love with Eminem's music. I'm no Stan, but I'm one of his fans. =)

People I love: 

My best friends Marlee (marleesue) She's my bfftdea and I would highly recommend commenting her. But you can't have her, because she was my best friend first. >=)<--- check her out. =) and Candice. <-- she may be a total idiot sometimes, but I love her all the same. =) I can tell them both absolutely anything and we all need to form a comedian group and be friends for ever and ever. =)

*Insert long paragraph about how I love a guy that doesn't know I exist.*

I've got a thing for guys who are complete goofballs, have slightly broken pasts, and those guys that you can tell everything to. And he is just that. =)

So there's this guy, and he's extremely attractive. Not only the way he looks, but his personality.
Eh, I don't even know how to explain him. He's so awkward, funny, amazing, and-blah. I've only known him for a few months, but we hit it off from day one and he's already nearly my everything. I have no words to voice how wonderful he really is.<3

I just want you. All of your flaws, jokes, stupidity, sarcasm, giggles, mistakes, smiles, quirks, just you.

This is a lot longer than I had antisipated. Oops. =)

Do me a favor, and don't follow me just because I followed you. I want those faithful followers that actually like me for my quotes, not for all of he favorites I give them. =) But follows are always welcome.


 When life says "Give up,"
Hope whispers "Just try it one more time."