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Hi there! :D
I have no idea how you found my profile! 
But now that you're here... let me tell you alittle bit about myself:
My Name is Ria, friends call me Ritz (Yes, like the cracker!)

I am 16 going on 17 on February 28th. 
Also I'm Sophomore in high school. 
Plus a die hard Taylor Swift fan<3

& I happen to be a hopeless romantic. 
I'm a Chocoholic... (The first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem) 
NYC is my favorite city in the whole ENTIRE world.

Basically, you could say I'm your average teenaged girl,
But I'm not... So get to know the real me, 
You wont regret it. :) 

¸,¤°´'``°¤,¸.¸,¤°´'`'`°¤,¸. ¸,¤°´'`°.¸¸.°´'``°.¸¸.°´'`¤,¸.
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Quotes by ritzbitz8249

I know we're friends, but making fun of me even if your joking still kinda hurts...

You're bringing out my insecurities & I don't like that.

Can you atleast tell me what I did? Because ignoring me and pretending that I don't exist isn't working out to well for the either of us... Considering I do exist & see you in the halls about 100 times a day. What's going on?
I Want You to Tell Me What I Mean to You.

Because I just Can't Be Friends With You.

I Want You to Fight For Me. 

Why do I get so attached to people?

After all the people that have walked out of my life I have to learn that people ALWAYS leave.
It literally AMAZES me how you can walk past me in the hallway and act like nothing ever happened between us.

Baby you light up my world with just a single text message.(:  


My thoughts right now, 

Maybe if I keep distracting myself,
and constantly keeping myself busy...
I'll stop thinking about you all the time.
I'll somehow manage to forget about love and accept the fact that I'll never feel it.
I will have no choice but to accept that all we we will ever be is "just friends"
Just maybe, after hours of being alone, doing nothing but work it wil finally strike me. 
Because I know I have to stop getting myself so attached,
Learning that people always leave.
And it wasn't any diffrent. 
You left, I stayed hooked on.
Just like you did.
Summer is just a season. 
And I always knew that summer romances always end with the summer.
Yet, I thought that maybe this time it would be different.
And it wasn't any diffrent. 
I thought you were different.
You would light up my world like no body else, with just one text message.
But the summer ended and you left, I stayed hooked on.
But whatever, it's alright, like everything else I'll get over it.
They're there for you once, but not forever.
But why did leave me haning?
Am I not good enough?
I just wanted you in my life. 
But I can't have you...
You'll better off without me anyway.


Those annoying girls on facebook with a hundred likes on their profile picture who say:
"Like the picture not the link" 

Like really?
*Rachel Smith just changed her profile*

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Rachel: What??? I changed it Sunday

Me while reading this: -_-

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