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It's hard to forget someone
who gave you so much to remember
And he's all i've ever wanted...
Hello. My name is Rachael <3
I am 14 years old and live in michigan. Im going into highschool this year :0  Im just your average teenager. I love my friends and music. Theres many things i cant live without and i love summer. Taylor Swift is my ispiration:)  Im just waiting for that someone special to come my way <3
"All i ever wanted was to be wanted"
-Taylor Swift
" if your lucky enough to be different. dont ever change."
-Taylor Swift



Quotes by rnsgymnast

 I mean, its not like i wanted you to text me anyways...

If im louder
Would you see me...

One direction
not my formattttt!
Try to touch me
so i can scream 
at you not to
touch me..


I guess to you, 

now im just

"that girl"

Its finally time 
for you to realize
that the world doesnt
revolve around you. 

Format: twilightgirl995

im so sorry...
it was all my fault,
if i could go back in time,
maybe things would have
turned out differently...

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Just curious...

fav if you cry a lot

comment if you dont even remember the last time you cried

Format by Sandrasaurus

And lets make this a day to remember...
If only you knew, evreything i do for you</3
im alone
im empty
im torn apart inside
im breaking down
im giving up

Dont you see what you've done?
Arn't you goinh  to do anything about it?
are you going to just watch me?

I guess so.
Cause i dont matter.
Its all about you.
And you dont realize what you have done.
Bt you will, one day.
When im gone.

Maybe then you will feel sorry
Maybe then you will regret everything you've done.
Maybe you will realize what you've done.
And maybe, just maybe, you will start to treat others right.