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Quotes by rnsoccerbug

remember  me?  rnsoccerbug?
i  took a break from quote making  a
couple weeks ago, but i just couldn't
seem to stay away from witty.  today
i'm proud to announce that i'm back
& in business  once  again!  however,
there  was  some  sort  of  glitch in my

old  account  &&  i'm  having trouble
editing  my  profile,  so  i  decided  to
create a brand new account for my
quotes. my new name:
i'm  planning  to  start  up  with a few
new quotes very soon. i hope you all
are able to support my new account
as much as you did my old one! drop
me  a comment because i   r e a l l y
missed talking to all of you! xoxoxoxo


This isn't a quote, & I'm really sorry about that.
My computer has been acting up lately &
I can no longer edit my own profile. That
means I probably can't edit anybody
else's either, so that little business
is probably going to be closing.
I'm really sorry for not getting
to the profiles that I promised
an edit to. I'm also going to take
myself out of FabulousFades, but I
really want to thank Sarah for being
such an amazing co-owner with me. I've
been really stressed & a little heartbroken
lately, so I think I might take a little break from
Witty. It's still very addicting, so I might be back
at some point in the future. If not, I might just
give away my account. I will try to keep
checking comments, but I'm probably
going to stop making quotes. I also
wanted to thank my amazing
followers for supporting me.
It would mean a lot if you girls
would keep giving me credit for
my quotes, because I came up with
& worked hard on every one of them.
Thanks for listening & I'm sorry once again
that this isn't a quote. I love all you girls, stay
strong, & make the best of what God blessed
you with. The many talented writers here on Witty
have made teenage life sound like a battle ground,
but it can only get worse as you grow older. So enjoy
what you can. I'm only a freshman & there are a lot
of older &  wiser girls on Witty who have been
through a lot more than me. Listen to them,
because the best part of your life will slip
by if you don't watch out. I'm going out
to make the best of mine. Thanks for
listening, & try not to forget me =)


hide  from all your fears
F o r g e t   all that you   s h a r e d .

You know he never cared.

if i was the rain;;
[[ you'd be my umbrella ]]
if you were→ prince charming

[[ I'd be your Cinderella ]]
you would be the ipod
[[ & I would be your song ]]
you'd sweep me off my feet
[[ & we'd dance all night long ]]
you would be the step
[[ I would be the pace ]]
I would be the dress
[[ & you would be the lace ]]
we would be perfect together
[[   y o u   a n d   m e   ]]
like honey & a bee
[[ together forever;; ]]
nothing could be better.

for cheergirlie120.
---> drama & lies, no surprise. <---
rumors& back stabbing, it's middle school, guys
T h e   g u y s  t h i n k i t s  c o o l  t o  a c t  g a y
The girl
s just laugh& act like it's okay.
They   wear   low   shirts,   &   act    likes    teases,
Just to give the boy they like whatever he pleases.
Seriously  girls,   it's   getting   old.
Put on a [decent] shirt, & buy a  [longer]  skirt.

Actually ladies,  they  think  you're textroverts.

There are  s o m e guys out there;
ut how much skin you show.
Not all of them care about how far you will go.
[   B e i n g   ]     [  p o p u l a r ?  ]
Pshhhhh;  so what, it's an act. Just be yourself,
&& you'll be happy. That's a fact.

for cheergirlie120

Black to yellow fade.


e're little  kids again.

We sway back & forth together,
on the schoolyard swingset.

He  looks  over  at me
while we sing,  &  w h i s p e r s
"We're married."

credit please =)

e 's  n i c e
H E ' S    F I N E.
H  e ' s     s  w  e  e  t .
He's   m i n e.

t's  al jus an  act.

She's got  the lead role.
The backs that she stabbed.
The h e a r t s  that she stole.
That smile she fakes
The [makeup]  she wears,
Can make them believe
S h e      a c t u a l l y      c a r e s
She goes through the scenes,

&& that  girl  can  act.

Confusing  the  t r u t h

With  r e a s o n  &&  [fact]
She lies through her life,
&    n o  o n e   w i l l   k n o w .
It's  al jus an  act.
&& she runs the show.

credit =)
So what are you doing tonight?
n o y o u ]