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Well, heyyy guisssee(: The names Robyn(: I

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I took my niece to the park today and there was a really annoying girl following us around and when she left my niece Alayna looks at me and says "If I ever see her again, it'll be TO soon!" She's six. I coulsnt stop laughin'!!
I don't need a knight in shining armor. A sweet boy in old blue jeans will do jussssst fine(:
< 3
Every tan-Legged Juliet needs a redneck Romeo < 3
I wanna write a storyy..
Will anybody read it?
So, your voice makes me tremble && your smile makes my heart skip a beat.
Hey guise(:
I'm usually the one that just sits back and reads everyone's lovely quotes but i need some help.. I'm falling for my best friend/ cousins ex o.o Idk what to do.. I mean she's got another boyfriend. Anybody got any advice for me?
--Thanks for reading