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Quotes by rockinsocks41498

That Boy..


Sticky popsicles 

Winter Wars

Leaf  Fights 


My best friend next door 

We sat on my porch all day


Waiting for that familiar song

Two dollars clenched in each of 

Our hands 

A stick now in each of our hands 

Attached to yours was Spongebob 

Mine Dora 

We were sitting 

Together Forever??

Dark hair, brown eyes 

Charming dimples

Stunning smile 

Steelers and Spongebob fanatic 

Courageous, funny, sweet and smart 

When I see


My heart lights up 

And butterflies dance in my stomach

                                                         Sticky Popsicles 

Winter Wars 

Leaf  Fights 


And I fell head over heels for him



Things I miss from my childhood #15
zoey 101 

Pet Peeve #2

when people put their kids on leashes

Pet Peeve #1

people who walk really slow in a BIG group

why do
keep running from truth
all i ever think
about is 
>>> you

Things I miss from my childhood #14
lizzie mcguire 

that dissapointing
moment when... 

you go to a store for one
for one specific thing 
and they dont have it

when i think about tomorrow
and seeing you i get butterflies and my heart skips a beat

I love looking at old pictures
and remembering when things weren't so complicated

That Annoying Moment When...  
you're laying in bed texting and your phone decides to attack your face

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