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Quotes by rockinsocks41498

Things I miss from my childhood #13
not having chores  

That Sad Moment when you're at his house and he leaves :(


Confessions #8
when people dont answer my texts i feel rejected ♥ .

Things I miss from my childhood #11
 playing dress up and feeling like a princess 


Confessions #7
 i have a HUGE fear of birds ♥ .


Confessions #5
I'm soo excited for high school ♥ .

Things I miss from my childhood #10
 that one best friend you thought you would forever 

I'm getting sick of all these "repost if you love God" quotes! Believing in God should not be based on if you fave or repost a quote!..................... I can't be the only one who thinks this.

When i'm near you
it takes all my energy not to tell you i'm in love with you


Things I miss from my childhood #9
 my grandpa feeding me ice cream while i sat on his lap 

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