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Storms Don't Last Forever. keep smiling(:
Ronalda. Canadian. 16. Single. Food. Reading. Pandas.
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who even still uses witty profiles?
last time ive been on here was when i was 16, im going on 20 now..that was 4 years ago. WOW


follow me on tumblr or comment your tumblr name & ill follow you ^-^

I love you, so I love you enough to let you go.


I don't need you, I got me, b.itch.

That really scary moment when the doctors say you might have cancer. )':


killing yourself to find a man that'll kill for you.


I ain't afraid, I'm already dead.


I ain't take no shots, but you still got me high*

yes you, sitting behind the computer screen, reading this.

I love you more than Wiz Khalifa loves weed!