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Hai am rose um....nothing much to say but i like neon and black i rlly rlly RLLY want snakebites for my life.But my mom hates them but i'll get them anyway lol.
um i have kinda gone insane lol i want to kill soooo bad weird right?.But anyway am bit weird and um
Pewdiepie,blood on the dance floor,Black veil brides,Evanessence,Avril lavienge,The rain (not a band or anything i just like rain),World of warcraft,Minecraft,
One song from kesha lol,Stickers,gum,
jeff the killer....yeah am like obssed you should see my qoutev lol
anyway i gtg bai - Profile Counters - Profile Counters


Quotes by rosesummerfun9


cleverbot:My mom?


cleverbot:Yes mum *cleans room*

Person:You are SOOOO weird
Me:Why thank you :)
Person:are you deaf or insane that was a insult
Me:yes'yes i am weird and insane
Going on webkinz world and being like"i'm the coolest b/tch in town"*pets webkinz*

Dear friend,
A thing about suicidals.The more you say your not alone the more you feel alone so stop telling me am not alone cause it's not working.
Dear friend 2
I hope you can jump off a cliff and die :) why????cause your the reason am suicidal B/TCH.
Dear friend 3
Other than your mistakes you have been at my side the entire time.Thank you.


Fun smiles
Little bows
Hope filled eyes
Cute pop music
No tears no sadness
Everything was happy.

Sad smiles
Braclets to hide secret cuts
Empty eyes
Sad rock music
Many sad
Forgotten and Alone
Where is my hope now?
Ya know that girl whos forgotten and alone?
Ya know that girl who cuts?
Who gets abused?
Whos laughed at for crying?
Who's hope filled eyes are now just filled with emptyness?
Yeah that's me.

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You said to go die so i will.
*me at a funeral*
everybody:oh look what a lady with her cute dress :)
*me at home*
me:*sits legs open chilling on the couch*
me:*puts on dirty song dancing to it*
me:*in the shower*OH AM A GUMMY BEAR AM A JOLLY BEAR
me:*eats food like a pig*
You always wonder why i "hate and bully"you when your the one bullying me using your own two best friends as fcking third wheels as you gush about "it"(don't wanna give to much away)but i go suicidal you get mad and am sick of it so just leave me alone and i'll be better