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Well Hi there Sexuals(: Since you stumbled upon my profile you should follow me.. I mean if you want... anywayyy.... The names Rose. I love making new friends.. I was born into this world on August 17th- any twins? I have 2 witty besties- Bri (1Dloverforever) and Ashley (ilovehollister2014) You should followw them(: I'm litterly obsessed with One Direction, Spongebob (yes),AND.. CHANNING TATUMM!!! I do have a kik it's rosestromberg.. anyone can kik me, I'll reply to anyone. My instagram name is rosestromberg. Follow me and I'll follow backk. If you want to talk comment on my profile or kik me.. or whenever i'm on chat hmu(: well that's it babes.. loveee yousss(:

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It's funny how I know every single word to every Taylor swift song ever! True fan(:
If Kid's BOP does any one direction song from their new album "Take me Home" I'm going to go nuts!

Dear Kids Bop,

get a life! No one listens to you anymore. We all get annoyed! You ruin every good song there is!

Teens everywhere

My Brothers Best Friend
Brandon Rouge


Hey(: I'm Brandon.. yeah just Brandon.. I'm only 17, but I have a buddy whos 18 named Andreww. were pretty close... I go to GreenPoint HS. I'm in love with this girl who doesn't even know I exist and If i even ask her out some problems may be uprising... I live with my Parents and 1 older sister Molly who is 22. My parents are never home so I usally hang out at Andrews house. well thats itt by perfect(:

a/n okay.. chapter 1 will be posted later.. comment what you think(: thankkskss
My Brothers Best Friend
Andrew Anderson

Hey derrr. Im Andrew, Most people call me Drew but whatever you want. I'm 18 a seniorrr at greenpoint Highschool. I have a little sister whos 16 who is Katee. I love her with all my heart, besides shes my only family. I will protect her with my life. We pretty much live on our own, but yeah whatvever. Im a good guardian. I have tons of friends but I mostly have one guy who I can almost call my brother His name is Brandon Rouge. This guy has been there for me always.. well laterrrr(:

a/n okay one more character BIO and then chapter one... Next is Brandon(: Comment what you think

My Brothers Best Friend
Brittany Parks


Hey Babes(:

Well I'm Brittany. Brittany Parks. You can call me Brit, Brit-Brit(:

I'm 16. Go to GreenPoint High School. My best friend is Katee Anderson. I love her so much...!(: I live with my mom and my 10 year brother Carter. I'm living my life to the fullest(: I love music... SO much.. All Time Low and One Direction.. just amazinggg.. I love kids and hoping to be a teacher when I get out of HS.  Well I'm gonna goooo(: Stay amazing you beautiesss(:

xxxx- Brit(:

a/n well thats brittany. lemme know what you think... next part is Andrew(:
My Brothers Best Friend
Kate Anderso


Hey(: Im Katee Anderson. You pronounce my first name as Katie but I have a different way of spelling it. You can call me Kate. It doesn't bother me. Welll... I'm 16, I go to GreenPoint High School, In Cali. I know right a Cali girll.(: I live with my older brother Andrew. Our parents died when we I was 4.  I'm not that popular but I have one girl I can call my best friend her name is Brittany Parks. I love this girl with my life. I have known her since I was 5 years old. I love musicc(: It's like my life. Some of my fav bands/singers are: ONE DIRECTION (THOSE BOYS ARE PERF), All time Low, never shout never. etc etc. Well thats it for now..(:

Stay beautiful

xxxx Katee

a/n Okay so basically that was meeting the characters. You will be meeting some characters. Yes I am using tumblr girls, and some boys. I hope you enjoy. I think I will posting Brittany's BIO and Katee's brother Andrews BIO. Please comment and let me know what you think thank you..

p.s I will be having alot of things to click on. its going to be very detailed with like the characters, their outfits, their house, their rooms. yeah that stuff




Okay, So I'm going to be writting a new story. It's not going to be a fanfiction or anything. It's going to be a love story.. but have some twists and secrets are going to be involved. Like on how they met. comment and tell me if you would read it? I will hopefully be startting the prolouge soon, thanks

xx stay beautiful


"Cause I got your picture I'm coming with you Dear Maria, count me in There's a story at the bottom of this bottle And I'm the pen Make it count when I'm the one Who's selling you out 'Cause it feels like stealing hearts Calling your name from the crowd!"

Big City Dreams
Chapter 9

Rose's P.O.V

When we got to the guys house we walked in and I saw Baby Lux, I loved this little girl. I was always jealous of her because the guys are her favorite.  Bri and I were getting ready to sleep over the boys house. I went to Lou's bedroom to get changed. I put on my spongebob pj pants and my tshirt and did all of my nightly-rountine. I went downstairs and the guys said "Woah no makeup?! You look beautiful." I was blushing at this point. I layed down in Louis's lap and the movie "I know what you did last summer" was on. It was October so Halloween was around the corner.  The boys were talking about taking Bri and I to a haunted house. I don't like them so I was very hestiatant about going. I feel asleep during the movie. It was scary. I knew that Bri and Harry were upstairs sleeping-or doing something more.

sorry this is short and long overdue. I will post more soon.
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