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If you killed yourself tonight, You think no one would care.
You're just another waste of space & you don't deserve to be here.
Your parents wouldn't care and friends wouldn't be losing anything.
The kids in your class wouldn't notice you were gone.
Teachers don't care. They think "Oh, another kid 
I don't have to fail." The populars are happy.
They don't have to see your ugly face ever again.
That's because you're six feet under  and no one ever cared.
The battle you were fighting ended. The one with your self.
But there is a twist to this story. You were wrong.
Your mom found you that dreadful morning
blaming herself, Of course. She thought it was
her fault. All those times she has yelled at you
or ever told you "no". It's all her fault.
Your dad called 911. He was sorry for all the times
he wasn't there. The soccer games he missed out on,
and the times he was too busy to care.
Your sibling finally came home, But your parents
wish they didn't. They would have to tell them
you were never coming home.
Your brother turned to drugs to cope with your death.
Crack was there when you were gone. 
Eventually, one sad night, It over powered him.
Your little sister starts to cut. She want's to see 
Her big brother & sister in heaven.
Your mother still blames herself.
She sits in your room and tries to clean it.
But it's to hard to see, The one smiling, happy girl
is six feet under and gone for good.
Your dad turns to alcohol.  He became addicted
just like his friends feared. Your once lively, loving father
turned into a monster. The ones kids dreampt of while
Growing up. The kid that once copied your homework
dropped out of school and turned to drugs.
The girl who never talked about being bullied
finally spoke out. Don't you see it? You need to be here

Two Worlds Collide         Part 1
There were only 3 weeks of summer left, and the weather was already drastically changing. "Come on Dallas!" I heard my best friend Toby scream. I grabbed mt sweat shirt out of his car. I made sure to watch where I was going. Tobys path way to his front pourch was hard to see & it was getting dark out. And to make it even worse I was a total klutz. I stood on the stairs and scaned everyone to see who I knew. I saw some of my friends from school. There was Ashley, holding on to her boyfriend Adams arm tight. There was Kailyn and Kayleigh, having there own little conversation and then there Toby, talking to the person sitting right beside him.
"I think you know everyone here" Toby said while looking at the group of his friends. "Except for Zack." Toby looked at Zack then looked at me, and he started to smile. Zack had short-ish hair. It had a little curl to it. He had green eyes. His skin was tanned. "Hey" Zack said while smiling. "Hi" I said. I started to blush, but I have no idea why. "Sit down, Dallas!" Toby said while taking a sip of his Iced tea. "Maybe I like standing up!" I said jokingly. I looked around for a seat, And how ironicly, The only free seat was next to Zack. I took my time walking over to the seat. I saw Zack, spying me down. I quickly looked away from him & waited a couple seconds to look back. When I did, Zack looked away & started smiling. This was going to be a long, annoying night.

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chapter three
Jenelle's POV

I heardthe ball door ring. Quickly, I ran down the stairs and 
and to the door. I swung open the door. I saw J.T standing there.
"You look..." 
I looked down at what I was wearing. 
"Amazing" J.T finished his sentence. 
I started blushing, I could feel it.  "Thanks, You look pretty fine yourself!" 
I walked out of the door way. I looked back into my house. 
"I'll be back later!" I screamed. I slammed the door behind me.
I got in J.T's car. The ride was only 5 minutes long, I didn't live far from the
beach. When we got there we sat close to the waves, It was gorgeous.
The sun had already set & fireworks were exploding everywhere.
We sat in the sand. J.T's arm was around my neck.
We just talked about things for at least an hour. 
We didn't even notice the fireworks stopped until we saw
mass amounts of people leaving. I got up and wiped the sand off my butt.
"Where are you going?" J.T said while laughing.
"To the.." J.T cut me off before I could finish.
"I have something to ask you!" He said while smiling
My heart sped up a beat. I felt my face get hot and red. 
"Jenelle, We both know its true.."
I nodded my head. I just wanted him to get on with it.
" We both like each other, & I wanna know if you're willing to take it to the
next level?"
I looked up from my feet & smiled.
"Yes, I am"

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