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Hello Beautiful World!
Derrian, Sophmore, I hale from New Jersey. Jonas Brothers, One Direction, Ed Sheeran, Cher Lloyd, Adele, Jessie J, Jason Mraz, Demi Lovato, Every Country singer-LOVE THEM ALL! My dream is to become a Radio City Rockette, though i have been told that i will not succeed, my mom encourages me everyday. She wanted to be a Rockette also, but her mom thought it was stupid and never let my mom try out. So i guess i am fufilling my mom's dream for her. I am one of those girls that is friends with everyone but only has a few close friends, and I'm gonna keep these bitches around because they are amazing. Demi Lovato is my inspiration. She taught me to be strong and to keep pushing through the hard times in life & that there is ALWAYS someone there to listen to your problems. She taught me not to be afraid to be who I am and not to let anyone bring me down, because I am good enough. The Jonas Brothers and One Direction are probably my true obsessions. I have loved both of them since they first came out, almost 7 years ago for the Jobros and 2 years for 1D. I have met the Jobros 1 time, but i have met Kevin 2 times and Nick 2 times. Kevin and his wife, Danielle live very close to me and they were actually going to move down the street from me! I have met 1D one time on 3.11.12. Meeting my 2 favorite bands were such great experiences! Some people say i am weird and TOO obbsessed with both bands but they don't understand that they get me through my hard times. 1D saved my life in 2011. The Jobro and 1D's music makes me smile & their videos make me laugh endlessly. When Joe smiles, i can't help but smile too. When Nick sings,  i shed a tear because of how beautiful and inspiring he is. And when Kevin laughs his amazing laugh, i have no choice but to laugh along with him and think how lucky his wife is to have him in her life. 1D's video diaries make me die cry from laughing so hard and i think everyday how lucky Eleanor and Danielle are to have Liam and Louis. Whoever gets the chance to date Niall and Harry will be the luckiest girls ever to walk this earth. I wish i was the girl to date Nick or Joe or Niall or Harry! haha. Being a teenager is hard, i know sometimes you wanna just breakdown. But that is a part of growing up, it is suppose to make you stronger. People say the drama stops as you get older, and maybe it does. But i know one thing for sure..i don't know if i am ready to grow up yet..
If you EVER need to talk to anyone, i am here for you! email me, comment on my profile, ANYTHING! I just want my witty girls to have someone to go to when they need advice. love you girls!
Derrian xx
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