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Make a wish.

Morgan Taylor / Jersey / freshman
Okaai. So uhhm. Once upon a time on the fifth of
January, a little burnette with brown eyes and
porcelin skin was born. She grew up in New
Jersey and laughed at almost everything. Now
she's a teenager and she absolutely loves
running track. She's a sprinter and has been to
the Penn Relays five times! YAAY. She also can
lick her elbow. And eventually she will live
happily ever after with Harry Styles and their six
children and pet polarbear.
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{+}  track; laughing; gentlemen; chocolate; One Direction;
Demi Lovato; scary movies; love stories;
happily ever afters; sleeping in late; bubbles;
gum; mascara; Mac Miller; talking on the
phone for hours; Chickfila; Spongebob;
parties; learning interesting facts;
proving someone wrong; etc.

{-}  liars; cheaters (in school and in relationships);
researching; winter; being cold; cold weather;
split ends; salad; syrup; Sprite;
disrespectful people; school pictures;
girls with no self respect; history class; science; etc.

Say hello to my boyfriend.


Quotes by runner98

A boy in my class' sister is missing.

She went missing on
Saturday October 20th. She was last seen in Clayton, New Jersey riding her bike at around 12:30 pm on Saturday. She was wearing a shirt that had 'Clayton's Soccer' across it, sweatpants, and hightop sneakers. She's only twelve and is 5'2, 120lbs. 
Please keep a look out for her if you live anywhere near by and
if you know any information contact 911 or Clayton's police. 

Please pray for her and her family. 

take me as I am,
                          not who I was.

                  be the type of
               you want to see in our world.

"   You're not going
    to tell me who
          I'm gonna love.   "

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O n   S e p t e m b e r   1 1 t h ,   2 0 0 1 ; 

when the towers crashed down there was one lady
in particular who was injured and walking to the hospital
Even with all the debis and everything on the ground she
never got a single cut on her feet. 

it turned out that one of her lungs was punctured and
had collapsed. With such a serious injury she
shouldn't have even been stable enough to be moved with
 by an ambulance.
But on this day, she walked to the hospital.

That my friend's is called a miracle and God is to thank.

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                          the word 'ugly' shouldn't even exist. 

Do you think about me still?

It  will never get old ;
not in my soul, not in my spirit,
                                         keep it alive.

I'm in one of those
" I don't give a f.uck "
kind of moods.
It's great.