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  hey guys the names livvy!! i am so energetic and love to make people smile i love ice hockey footbal golf cross country basketball lacrossse swimming and skiing!!! i am in love with the ocean and sand!!! im loving my life so talk to me!!!!!  

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                                  fairytales have to exist.... 

                                   fairytales have to exist...

how else would the prince find his cinderella


its annoying how the directioners are like "omg shut up dont make fun of our boys" and then they go right ahead and make fun of talyor swift one of other peoples wow

i  secretley wish my door was sent to 
Monsters Inc 
okay i have to say something
can we just all stop judging 
if someone loves 1D let them, not ur buisness
if someones hurt and u think there faking get over it there not
jealous of someone? u have better things to be doing
think someones annoying? get over it your not perfect 
think someones not talented? watch were they end up
think your ugly? u have amazing qualities eveyone has bad ones just embarace your slef! 
love life and forget about whatever pointless drama there is 
That Boy .. ♥

What color is his hair:
- dark brown

-What style is it:
- short
What color eyes:
- brown 

Cute smile: 
-yes :) 
- nope perfect teeth
- nope
- yep 
- 5"5
What grade is he in: 
- 8
How did you meet him:
- spanish class
How long have you known him: 
- since 3 years ago 

Does he play any sports: 
- yes football and bowling
Can he play the guitar: 
- nope
What about any other music instrument: 
Do you guys ever text: 
- only call and hang out
Describe something he would wear on a typical day: 
- shorts tee shirt under armour sweatshirt
What's your favorite thing you've seen him wear: 
- suit and tie 
Where you're able to see his tattoo and abs:
- no 
Least favorite thing:
- sometimes his friends 
Do your friends know that you like him:
- yup all of them
Do you think your parents would like him if you were dating him:
- my parnets love him 
Have you met his parents:
- yes
What would you do if he saw your witty:
- idk 
*watching the news with my parents* *news reporter is being blown away*

mom: i have a feeling this is setting a bad example.. 
im gonna be that unstoppable girl
the one that everyone knew was gonna make it
the one whos always smiling and posotive
im that girl
hey i heard you were a wild one! fav if u just sang that :)
we all did this
you: (go onto witty)
you:(sees new witty profiles)
you:(checks url to make sure you typed in right adress)
you: oh thank god wittys not gone!

  to give anything less than your best is to sacerfice the



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