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  hey guys the names livvy!! i am so energetic and love to make people smile i love ice hockey footbal golf cross country basketball lacrossse swimming and skiing!!! i am in love with the ocean and sand!!! im loving my life so talk to me!!!!!  

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Boys  ,they    like l ittle    danger ♥  


                   Here's to the girls;
                          Who eat when they're hungry.




Hold your own,
Know your name,
And go your own way.

And everything will be fine. 

This quote does not exist.
I push you away because
I need you to pull me closer 


This quote does not exist.

 I e t s  ju s t  t a ke 2  s e c o n d s  to  re m e m be r   9 /1  1 
and click the heart for those who died that day.


f     for                                                          
 It's my life
  and I'm not sitting on the sidelines,         watching it pass me by

you are stronger than you think.