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I 'm Caitlin, nice too meet you.
I'm  13 years old from Swansea in Wales.
I'm basically your average girl, brown hair, brown eyes, average height, curly short hair, likes to fit in not stand out.
Yeaah, pretty boring, if you've read alla that your pretty cool cause i wouldnt.
Here, have a sticker:3
 So yep.
Ugh i'm single and bisexual.
I love pretty much all music apart from dubstep and dance.
Ciao bitchessssssss!
Whats a journal? Is it a diary? Ok, i'll write in here soon c: busy atm!

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O Romeo, Romeo! wherefore art thou Romeo?
Deny thy father and refuse thy name.
Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love
And I'll no longer be a Capulet ♥

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I'm more scared of Witty Profiles shutting down than the end of the world 


and witty's back, happy days
-the girl who only just realized that its back



-Severus Snape


maybe i'm waiting for something that will never come


"What's wrong with me?"
Millions of girls ask themselves this question every SINGLE day.

It's horrible, just because there's people who like to point out every single flaw.
I want to make a movement. When you feel alone because you feel alone and no one knows how you feel, look on this list.
Each girl that reads this. I want you to post your biggest insecurity about yourself.
It'll become a list. I just want to show each and everyone of you that you're not alone.


1. My weight.
2. My weight
3. My weight.
4. My weight.
5. My flat chest
6. my face
7. my belly flab
8. everything.
9. my acne. my belly fat. my annoying huge boobs. yes people, big boobs are annoying. you don't want them.
10. my smile.
11.i can never make everyone happy.
12. everyone hates me



First  Witty Christmas
and i'm loving it 

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    There's  no place like home

people will never truly understand what its like to fight a battle, not until they here the words ' you have cancer' anyway..and next time your griping about your bad hair day remember there's somebody going through chemo who'd gladly trade places with you, some people have NO respect, r.i.p megan&josh&jess you will be missed♥

we are all praying for your families meg,josh&jess.
you will never be forgotten.

You never know how much you love them till they are gone! Cancer is a cruel thing, which megan had for the past 4 years, shes gone through soo much in the past 4 years of having it... and it was her time to go with the angels! she wasnt popular,she wasnt well known,but for the people to know her was too love her..She will never stop smiling...See you little sister.. love youuuu ♥♥

R.I.P. Megs
she is only 12 and was suffering from cancer.
about half-an-hour ago she passed away.
we will always remember you beautiful

fave-for-cancer-sufferers,in heaven or on earth:'(