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You guys are all awesome been on here for a long time but i am now a very hard working man and this profile will always be up till the site is gone i will still be on but not as much please keep in touch lots of love 

Hey Hey Hey, yeah it's me Ryan Myers first off unlike most guys i love women but not just for the sexual things but this is not a social network so if u really wanna hear more gotta add me up there ^^.. Now some of u gals know it really isn't Myers but the real last name is in relation of my father so i finally changed it not legally but will get that fixed too but for now call me Rocky or Ry or Ryan. I update this a lot and i have sum poems most people say that i should get published well i love the care that you show so tell me what you think lol. The color things at the bottom of this about me is my most common poems. Oh now for me, Like i said i'm Rocky/Ryan and the picture is me if i'm hot say hey haha theres nothing wrong with flirting at least not in my eyes. Here are some poems that are special? Don't know correct word..--> Welcome To Hell (For the ones who wanna read it click on this link>http://www.wittyprofiles.com/quotes/1121730....There is another poem people find as one of my best it is right here http://www.wittyprofiles.com/q/1497661 click and read tell me what you think, dont ask my opinion for it is of your best knowledge to know if it is good or not.anywho thats basically it right now so stop by and say hello. Oh yea i do update profile on pictures and sorts so tell me what ya think of the photos. One more thing "Welcome to friendship" you will never be treated with harshness u will be treated with respect on here so don't be nervous to say whats on your mind!

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Quotes by ryxry

Some of you know who i am, i don't tend to write the happiest poems because when we are here to write, read, and enjoy we tend to have remorse as it is in the first place so this is my way of making what you want to feel a reality. This time though, i write for inspiration, for you to breathe in and breathe out then walk into the pain and hardship of your day. If you want to read this over and over again if it truly brings that much inspiration then please find a way to have access to read it when time gets rough understand even your enemies have hardships and they still tread on.

Not Today

Ever felt you took the wrong door?
Nor could walk anymore
Feeling the power of regret
Dreams not being kept?
Standing alone for hours
Just holding dying flowers...

Don't feel remorse
We've been through worse
Lemme grasp your hand
Together we will stand
Let's not fix everything today
We got more than one day...

So take one step an hour
Throw away the flowers
Hold my hand tight
Lets get through tonight
Just please remember
We do not surrender
Single digits...Not fast 
Double digits...Not fast
Triple digits,,,hmm might be fast
Hopefully at this speed ill erase my past

One rejection... Guess ill try again
Two rejections... Ill try once again
Three rejections.... I can't do it again
It's hurts me i don't want the pain 

First fight.... Im sorry 
Second fight.... Im sooo sorry 
Third fight.... I wish i was sorry
But no, i can't be sorry this time, no more worry 


Hold me tight tonight, 
Tell me everything's alright 
Hold my hand 
And don't let me stand

Don't let me go just yet 
Just me all set 
Ready me up for my time 
And tell me i will be fine 

Let me smile 
Just for awhile 
Show that i once was good 
Cuz tonight i wasn't so good 

Maybe make me laugh 
Cuz im seeing a white path 
You can see it in my eyes 
Not the light but my gaze 

Hold me cuz im going tonight 
Heaven just might be alright 

Hey dad this is... lonely and weird
It's something i have now feared
I still don't quite understand
My knee's are shaking as i stand
My eyes blurring with every tear 
But i will be strong this year 
I won't be weak like some 
No weakness is dumb! 

Dad, i wish i could speak to you 
Mama wishes you were here too 
But dont worry dad
I'll take over the job you had 
I will protect momma tonight 
And every other night

A Poem That Needs No Category 

I look in the mirror and see.... denial
I mumble the words "vial" 
But yet walk away with a smile 
Walk around with no purpose worth while 
Tread in an invisible trail 
The misused foot steps help me prevail 
Nothing but failure 
And very poor 
But smiles wrinkle my face 
Happiness trails in my place 
Rarely a sad day 
Hard to put me in dismay 
But yet here i am 
Studying my life like an exam
Wondering what i do wrong
And what can make me strong
Maybe one day i will find the mistakes
And know when to "hit the brakes" 
Slow down make a caution for myself
But hey, mistakes define ourselfs 
So i will keep making them 
Till life is done with em....

I want a poem that gives me tomorrow
But never forgets yesterday
Keeps me in the present 
But never makes me history
I want a poem that inspires
But not choose my own goals
I want a poem that leads 
But also follows....

Roses are Red....Violets are blue....
Scratch that I don’t know how to rhyme

Hmm…What is more bluer than your eyes? 
Nothing’s brighter  than a sunrise
NO that don’t work either! 
OH I cant write a poem for the life of ME!
 And im tired REALLY tired 
Oh my I cant even keep my eyes opened
 Lemme just rest for the moment 
And listen to the sweet sounds of nothing...
Wha? OH did I sleep?
 I thought so 
What was I writing?
I cannot write a poem to save the life of me! 
Oh my I don’t even wanna see what I wrote 
What is this?
Could it be a love note?
No maybe a quote
I cant believe I don’t know what I wrote
The teacher will be mad 
When she reads what I had 
All week to write a few papers of poetry 
And all I do is write about me!
Oh this is gonna suck but I have to turn something in
I hope she don’t throw this away in her bin 
Maybe I could write something to make her smile 
Something worth her while
My teachers eyes are brighter than any superstars eyes 
She could out shine any sun rise! 
There we go, that might save my grade 
From at least what I previously made

If i had a word to descirbe u it would've been said

By the greatest person alive or dead

No, becuz a quote could not describe perfection

Only thing that might describe what u are to me is my affection

You are the sun that gives me light 

The smile that becomes so bright!

You are that one!

But the searching aint done

Becuz i am here lonely and pondering

Where you might be wandering 

Please run into me

Or let me see

Becuz i am here 

Wishing to call u my dear

Little boy at the age of ten
Learns from his mom about men
Learns how to treat a lady
And how picking by size is shady
She makes him a gentleman
For all the woman

Little girl by the age of ten
Learns from all the men
Gets told how a man can be
And gets told that she will see
Little girl knows nothing more
But how one can be a whore

So there the girl goes
Becoming what guys call "hoes"
So there the boy goes
Doing everything he knows

One after another 
Getting closer to each other
Than finally like a sadistic crash
They meet eye to eye at last
Like a Shakespear play 
They look but have nothing to say
Like a candle that's just been lit
Speechless is what people call it 

The heart becomes their favorite shape
And endless nights become the best escape
Finally days upon days the two become one
Married and having fun 

Comes a baby and happyness comes again
But no, this is not the end
Baby is fine but the light begins to fade
The wax becomes decayed 
The fire starts to die 
And love begins to cry

Fighting and fighting is all they do 
In silence or in front of the child to!
Everyone begins to lose 
And he starts to hit the booze 
She begins to be the gentle woman
And he stops becoming a true man 

Child begins to always cry
And love now becomes a lie 

One more day
Is what they all begin to say 
Further and further the two split
Like a vise versa of the candle being lit 

Finally, the day of days 
The father goes craze 
Running his life into a wall
Finally letting his life fall
Leaving the mother alone
Letting her go on her own


Eyes as cold as a winter rain
My soul completely free of pain 

This is what i look like under this water
Me along with my beloved daughter 

Death couldn't be any more clear
This is what happens when in fear

I don't have any more air to leak 
Just water and a gurgling speak 

Just one more moment