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Quotes by $*

To tell you the truth, I don't think I even know who I am

I hate that I got attached
To you
To your smile
To your laugh
To your impatience 
To your witty jokes 
To the way you worry to much
To the way you put passion into sports 
To the way you talk
To the way you always complain about random things
To the way you listened 
To the way your fingers fit perfectly intertwined with mine
To the way you looked at me 
To you the way you made me feel 
To us 

Hot people make me cry
I don't know why 
But when ever I meet or see people

I try to figure out the life that they hide
I try to discover what they fear, what weakens them 
What personality they try hide,
What person they are trying to fake

Because I want to help them. 
People should not hide or be embarrassed of themselves.
Being yourself is the best person that anyone can possibly be.
I want to be the one that saves them from harming themselves,
The one that will put a smile on their face,
The one that will love them for who they are.

Now I do not know why I do this..
Maybe it's because 
I want someone to repair me
Someone who will come to me and say it will be okay
Someone will always be there when I need them
Someone who will accept me for who I am
Someone to tell me they love
Someone who will say that they are proud and happy to have me in their life
Someone, anyone, who will appreciate me and never give up

And maybe that person is you

Why do I care so much when you do not even notice?

Looking   at   old   photos   I   felt   a   strong   rush   of  
nostalgia    as   I   thought  
back   to   all   the   good   times   we   had   together.

Why am I still thinking about you?
is so messy yet beautiful.


On Halloween I went to a Haunted House with my best friend. I was so scared to go inside that we were waiting outside for so long that my mom, who was wating for us to go in, got out of the car. A scary guy with mask approached her outside to try to scare her, and when he came super close, she TICKLED him. TICKLED. 
And the guy just stood there clueless like wtf is this lady doing
So whenever you are scared to go inside a scary place, think of me

I'm lost and broken into tiny pieces