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They start to genuinly care and I start to run
Two relationships down and still never been told "I love you." I'm not the kind of girl people can just fall in love with.
well i dont know what to do, my brain says no but my heart says i love you
Okay well now I'm annoyed af and I hate you so that's cool
"I love you"...It's always on the tip of my tounge when we're together. But I can never say it, I have to bite my tounge, because I know it's not true, not yet anyways.
But don't you understand, you missed your chance. I liked you so much a few months ago and would have been thrilled that you care so much now. But now I don't care. I have a boyfriend now and you know what it's going great and he makes me happy so please find another girl to bother I can't help you get off anymore.
no yea i get it...its cool...beyotchh

A beautiful thing… that’s all she was. The girl with the tired brown eyes tried over and over again to make herself more than that, but she couldn’t. She tried to feel passionate about something, find a hobby, anything…but she couldn’t, because her looks owned her. What everyone saw on the outside consumed everything she was internally, and this made her sad. However, she liked being sad kind of because then at least she was more than just a pretty face, she was a pretty face with a very sad heart.