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Quotes by sHoRrTay6

You only live once . but if you live it right, once is enough.
*YoU aRe My sUnShInE oN a RaInY dAy*
*yOu ArE mY cLoUdS tHaT mAkE mY eVeNiNg SkY*
*YoU aRe My TrUtH tHrOuGh AlL tHe LiEs*
(wHeN i SeE yOu SmIlE i JuSt WaNt To DiE)
(KnOwInG tHaT i CaNnOt HaVe YoU kIlLs Me InSiDe)
(bUt ThEn AgAiN kNoWiNg ThAt YoU aRe My BeSt FrIeNd)
(kEePs Me So ~*~ALIVE~*~)

OxOx~LoViNg HiM~OxOx

(*didnt know what catagory to put this under but its here, use but dont take credit*)
one side tells me to let go
one side tells me not to
sometimes i just dont know what to do
people are always telling me not to bother
and why waste your time
but i dont listen
i just dream and wish that one day you will be *mine*
There's just something about *hIm* that i cannot get over,
Everyone tells me *he's* not worth my time,
But they dont see *hIm* as i do,
They tell me they understand what i feel,
But they dont *uNdErStAnD*
They have *No IdEa*

*xOxO LoViN hIm OxOx *
friendship is like a puzzle..each friend u have is a piece some are on the borded some are closer to the center each bring out a piece of us that makes us who we are thank you for being an important piece in my life