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--> ..shannOn .. lOve quOtes.. .x*] ..it's great hOw yOu can always find that One perfect quOte tO describe yOur feelings.. i lOve tO write Original quOtes.. -->>but dOn`t take credit fOr what yOu din`t write

Quotes by s_h0neY

he handed her ten roses and
said if you holD these up to a
miror you will see 11 of the '`
m o s t beautiful things in the
world -- * deDicated ----/x

i <3 andy
a priceless moment is when the
person // you have fallen in love
with - - looks you right in the
eyes and tells you that they
have fallen in love with you

i <3 andy
Is this a dReam? If it is, please dOn't waKe
me from this high. Ive become comfortably
nUmb, untiL u OpeNed up mY eyes tO what
its like when everythings rite. I cant believe
u fOund me when nO One else was LoOkin'
hOw did yOu knOw juSt where I wOuld be?
yeah, You brOke thrU aLL of my cOnfusiOn
the uPs and the downs and yOu stiLL didn't
LeaVe. I gueSs that yOu saW wHat noboDy
couLd see. you foUnd me. You found mE<3
- kelly clarkson

andy i <3 you
waKing uP frOm thIs nigHtmaRe
hOw'S yoUr liFe, whAt's iT liKe thEre?
iS it at aLL whAt yOu waNt iT tO be?
doEs iT huRt when yOu thiNk abOuT mE
aNd hOw broKen mY heArt iS </3 ?
[ yC - eMptY apaRtmenT ]

x0x0 shan
i knOw yOu want me tO lOve yOu
but all yOu ever dO is bring me dOwn

x0x0 shan
sHe cRiEs hEr LifE iS LiKe
sOmE MoViE bLaCk aNd whIte
DeaD aCtOrs faKiNg liNes
oVer aNd oVer aGaIn sHE CrIes

x0x0 shan
yOu are the antidOte
that gets me by
sOmething strOng like a drug
that gets me high

x0x0 shan
i'Ve trIed mY bEsT
tO riD theSe thOughTs
oF yOu aNd i
it's sO haRd
-kelly clarkson

x0x0 shan
im cauGht uP in a dReam
im gOnna wiSh fOr it aLL
nO onEs gOnna teLL me hOw
no waY, thIS is mY dreAm nOw
im cAught uP in wHat seEms
siMpLy impoSsible..
i aInt goNna changE a thiNg
nO way - it'S mY dReam.

x0x0 shan
x.. yOu knOw i'm such ..x
x.. a fOol fOr yOu ..x

x0x0 shan