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Trying to get over a boy who stole my heart and never gave it back.
Had my
heart broken but who hasn't?

heey, im just a girl in this big world trynna figure out who i am and what i'm here to do
Im one of the most honest people you'll meet, the truth hurts but its better than being two faced, i take everyday as it comes cos no one ever said life was gonna be easy?
I blow out my candles every year :
D , only have been for 2 weeks, living in England, i ask myself most days why nothing can ever go right for me but hapiness isn't something you just get you have to work for it 
  like most people in here i've been through alot but im the strong one, if i break everything falls apart, im not as strong as they think but my family needs me
I think its so important to keep promises!
  Never judge anyone, you have no idea what they could be going through,
 Here for anyone who needs me, thank you for reading this :) 


Most of my quotes are about a boy, there's much worse going on like cancer, should just get cancer and die! but good things happoen to those who wait so i'll wait for him♥ - Profile Counters

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You wish she was your daughter instead.. cos she's not a screw up like me
And  Sometimes  I ReallBelieve

Things are never going to get better..

I seem to think if i was with you..

i'd be happy

truth is it's all a dream.

  I'm scared of having a realationship
i guess you could say i'm scared of getting hurt again..♥


And the truth is..


we all just wanna be loved.

this is what my horoscope says,

Today you are shedding a metaphorical skin. Saying goodbye to the past is difficult, but time only moves forward so changes are inevitable Pisces. Don't feel sad, there are exciting times ahead.

i need to let go..

I've never worn a boys hoodie,

just me?:(


Ever since i was a little kid,

i had this snow globe,

i got it from disney land and

whenever i was really sad i

used to shake it and make

wishes and dreams,

today my little sister

smashed it,

it felt like she was smashing

my childhood and my


Thanks for anyone who bothered to read!


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i still remember the day that we met,

how could i forget?


A friend asks you what's wrong

 a bestfriend will notice you're gone,
know where you've gone,
they'll come looking for you
and be there..
when no one else is..