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Quotes by stellarflame*

so.... hello everybody
i havent been on in ages this is weird its changed
i doubt anyone remembers me but hopefully my stay will be longer now :)

i made a new display name so im stellarflame now

im crying over fictional characters right now im so upset i cant help myself :(:(

*in english studying different film genres*
someone in class: what about romance?
teacher: romance is dead.

and so she kept her smile,
because to make herself unhappy when she was so fortunate was stupid.

If you find people's suffering something to laugh at, then you still have a long way's off to the top.

when i was seven, i was running downhill through a paddock and i was running so fast that i didn't see the electric fence right in front of me and the fence almost chopped me in half and shocked me unconscious for several hours

When I was seven, a friend of mine told me that Raven Symone had died in a car crash and I cried for three days until my mother told me she lied to me.


The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
but I have promises to keep,
and miles to go before I sleep.


In science today, my teacher had something from his computer up on the projector and while we were learning, his screen saver began to show and we just saw multiple pictures of his face photoshopped onto the Mona Lisa and the Statue of Liberty and it was the best thing ever.


(lizzy made one for me and i feel kinda slack not making one back but now i am and she probably won't see this because she isn't following me (why lizzy why, jk) but oh well :p)

lizzy (aka blackbutterflies, if you didn't know) is honestly the sweetest girl ever, i love you so much and you deserve to be happy, because no matter how many horrible things you go through you should always be cheerful and i dont like it when you are sad because that makes me sad and then we cry and it's all very depressing. but thankyou for being the bestest friend ever on witty and i look forward to meeting you someday. love you lots xx