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Quotes by sail

tbh the only people i text are internet friends ok 

Sing me to sleep,

i don't want to wake up on my own anymore.


I don't understand when people fight for like a band/celebrity. Like really?
What have they done for you? I mean I understand you like them and all,
but fighting with me, because I said something, or said I don't like them is
a waste of both of our time. Like,what's the point? I mean if someone insults
one of my favorite artists, I could honestly care less, I mean, it's their opinion.
And you're not going to change mine by sticking up for them, ok.


can the pierce the veil album come out yet

when people add a bunch of dots after everything
i mean what are you trying to say............................

sometimes i go through my quote drafts and wonder what i was thinking when i wrote that


wow, i think i should be able share my opinion with out
people telling me i'm wrong and fighting with me about it.


ok it really annoys me when people are like
'i'm going to start cutting'
or 'omfg i'm so sad ima go cut myself'
like seriously if you're an actually cutter you don't f.ucking plan it.
like who wants to cut themselves?
most people just can't f.ucking control it.
so please shut up.
thank you :~)


Night is purer than day;
it is better for thinking and loving and dreaming.
At night everything is more intense, more true.
The echo of words that have been spoken during
the day takes on a new and deeper meaning.