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Quotes by sally101

Have you ever
Hated yourself for staring at the phone....
Close your eyes and trusted ... just trusted
Wished for an endless night? 

Most of all... I like liking you 

I like nonsense 

it wakes up the brain sells 
- dr. seuss 

Everytime we talk about love we think of it this way:

a man loves with his d*ck
(his ♥ is in is d*ck)
and a woman loves with her
(her ♥ is in the right place)
but the truth is>>>
only woman think about love ,
(her ♥ is in her head)
 men just love... they dont think 
(his ♥ is in the right place) 

The light at the end of the tunnel 
will temporarily be turned off until further notice... 

Scary thought...

if you add all the numbers on
the roulette table together
you get 666

And who else hates it 
when somebody texts you
then you reply....
the THEY don't reply

why is it if im nice to a guy
he ( and everyone else ) 
thinks im flirting??
i just want a close guy friend..
stop judging society
WHy does everyone want to pick a fight today 
everywhere i turn i have to defend myself  
should I hire a personal attorney