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So I've been talking to this boy and I can be myself around him. He makes me feel wanted in every way. I love his family and his story. Like me he has had it rough. I fell for him, got my hopes up, cared for him, worried over him and did everything at the drop of a hat for him. Two days ago he dropped out of college, because he said it was for him. We talked today on the phone and comes to find out he doesnt want to drag me into anything. Things, like him having no money, not knowing where his future will be or what he is doing. This I respected. Just hurts you know? Even though he says he still wants to talk in all just chill. He doesnt not want to talk to me his says, he just needs to figure stuff out. He also has its just wrong timing and that if we hangout like we use his mind is on me and not what he has too.He's a sweet guy but for some reason I feel hurt. I feel sad, dissapointed, alone, left and confused. I feel selfish for feeling this way. Just sucks feeling like I care way more.
There are so many beautiful things in this world,
that some people forget that they're one of them
You don't miss me, you miss all the attention I gave you..
So today I realized how many girls in my school aren't true to who they are, they change like Chameleons just to fit in.

Scared of being used
Hearts so confused
He just gets what he wants 
But it ends up her fault
Tells her "I love you"
Tells him "were through"
They throw their love away
He tries to make her stay 

There's happiness out there. Somewhere. I know there is. I'm just too sad to look
Love is only a dirty trick played on us to achieve continuation of the species...
I came he conquered we divided
Once again this fight is all my fault, never yours even though you went behind my back and started talking to my best friend. Yeah, your right you did nothing wrong.. uggh </3
It's hard to build the truth on a lie!</3