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I wont be using this account anymore...
I realize that using my real name for my username wasn't smart
Comment & ask for my new witty if you need it, I'll still check this one sometimes.



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I need to see you again.

I cried all weekend, Monday after school, and today during school...In class.
I cried IN class...I never cry in front of people, Ive gotten so good at hiding it..I couldnt though. Everyone was asking me where you were..
"Where's Justin?"
"Hey Sam, is Justin alright"
"Sam...What happened to Justin?"
I snapped at Christian today and told him I never wanted to hear your name again...
So of course he kept saying it..and saying it..and saying it...
So I sat down, put my stand right in front of my face, and cried. I think Nadine was the only one who saw, Farhan might of.. No one else though... Jimmy asked about you, I told him I hadnt talked to you in a while, he was going to ask if we broke up or something, but he stopped himself. Im happy he did, because if he did ask I would have cried...I was trying to tell Zouhair what happened, he wanted details but I could already feel the sting of tears in my eyes, so I just said "He told my family everything...Everything..."
So now I sit in my room crying at night, around the same time I used to be talking and laughing with you. Why am I crying though..
Im crying because I miss you.
Because I love you.
Because Im forced to hear "He doesnt love you, he sold you out"
Every second of every day.
his format i adorable

I want to know your happy. I want you to smile all day everyday.
Even though you probably dont think of me anymore, well, not the way you used to anyways..I just want you to be happy. Thats all I've wanted since the day I met you...Even as friends I cared for your happiness more than my own. 
I promised myself I wouldnt fall for you, so I wouldnt get hurt.
I fell regardless..I would have liked it if someone would have warned me how much it hurts once you stop falling, and just crash at the bottom.

 I still have hope for us. And until the day you look me in the eye and tell me you didnt mean anything of what you said to me, that you dont want to be with me,that you dont love me...Until that day I promise you I will not give up hope. I promise you I wont even think of another guy. I dont care how long that wait is, youre worth it.

I have fallen deeply in love with you.

Me:What happens if we run out of things to talk about..
Him: Well, when that time comes, we start making things to talk about together
Me:And if we cant?
Him:Why couldnt we?
Me: I dont know...
Him: Well there you go
Me:That kind of stuff scares me...
Him:Well then I'll scare it away. Rwa<3

I love him.




Darkness  does   not   always   equate   to  evil

Just as light does not always bring good.


 5 months.
5 months wihout your smile
5 months without your jokes
5 months without your hugs
5 months without your voice
5 months filled with tears
5 months filled with prayers 
5 months filled with darkness.
For 5 months you haven't been here.

I miss you Hassouna. You've only been dead for 5 months and it feels like everyone but me and your family has forgotten.
This has been Hell for me.
5 months without my brother..


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 I can't describe with words how confused and hurt I am right now. So I'm just gonna bash my head into the keyboard for a while....



mom" Your always on that damn computer! Are you on facebook again!?"
me"MOM! Just cause im on the computer doesn't mean im on facebook. Im studying for midterms!"
Mom"Im so sorry! I'll leave you alone"
*Bullshit, im on witty.*