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i have a thing for dance gavin dance
and inuyasha is my spirit animal

i like sending emails
and mailing letters
while jamming to sugar ray

i dont like social media
but i'm also a full time hypocrite
i also have a Nikon and it's my travel buddy

chinese filipina, dont get it twisted

thai bubble tea and jager keep me sane

i'll tell you i dont like sws, but i'll jam out to "Your Nickle Aint Worth My Dime" anyday

like i said, full time hypocrite

i'm poetic

surprise, i'm a cheerleader

i'm also unexpected


sam*'s Favorite Quotes

Robin Williams isn't dead.
He's just waiting in the jungle for someone to roll a 5 or 8.

Don’t tell me
Don’t tell me: Trees are harmless when,
You almost cried at your first paper cut.

Don’t tell me: You love the rain when,
You always shield yourself with an umbrella.

Don’t tell me: a bird’s song is beautiful when,
You scare it off for waking you up in the morning.

Don’t tell me: you adore making snowmen when,
You always crave for sun when the snow falls.

Don’t tell me: You enjoy the sun’s warmth when,
You search for a shadow to sit under in summer.

Don’t tell me: there’s beauty in everything when,
You don’t even look.

Don’t tell me: you love me,
When you and I both know it’s a lie.

And don’t tell me: that you appreciate everything when,
You can’t even be bothered,
To read to the end of this poem.

Life is like:

drawing a picture 

without an


because once you've made a decision there's no going back...

This quote does not exist.



I know of a kid who was in a coma for a week and when he woke up the first thing he did was panic because he had homework due and I think that sums up the American school system pretty well

You hate yourself so much and you’re so confused that you’re not sure whether you should be mad at yourself or at the world that asks you to fit into it when it should be telling you to fit into yourself.


you can fool the world but you can't fooL my heart..


I know who I truly am
I truly do have a chance
Tomorrow I’ll switch the beat
To avoid yesterday’s dance

Oh but it’s not the love,
The love is beautiful.
Sometimes it makes you feel like a tiny grape,
Crushed simply by their forefinger and baby thumb,
Your fate exposed and lying helplessly in the power of
This human.
Whom you could raise to the sky and still not achieve the gratification they deserve,
Oh it’s not the love.

It’s a fact.
Their thoughts don’t waver on you throughout the day,
Praying for your happiness, like you for them.

It’s the difference.
That when you pass them by and smile or say ‘hi’,
They won’t grin about it for hours after.
They may not grin about it at all.
And that fact drives a giant punched hole,
Through the centre of your heart.

You hope,
This person will fill up the hole.
But this hope turns to longing,
And this longing turns to aching.
And this aching causes something greater,
Expanding with time.
Until it makes you want to fold away your entire being,
Your entity.

The fact is...

It hurts.