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Quotes by samhu00

The fact that Suicide Silence used "You Only Live Once"
Way before Drake.
I have everything I need right here:
My Cat
and Witty

My cat's a rapper.
His name is Wiska Lifa

Dear Body,
I want:
Straight teeth
Hair I can do ANYTHING to.
Beautiful eyes.
A flat stomach
A thick gaap between my legs.
And the perfect body.
Is that to much to ask for?


Turning off the lights downstairs

and running upstairs

so no one kills you

Unicorns can't fly.
I can't fly.
Therefore I am a unicorn


My cat's a rapper.
His name is Wiska Lifa


If you were a cookie,
You'd be a whoreo

Yesterday, I was at community day and my six year old cousin was there. I went and got him a balloon. After playing with it for about five minutes, he let it go in the air. Then he asked for mine. He took it and also let it go. His  mom asked him why he did that. And he answered "I gave it to daddy." His father died a few weeks ago from cancer.♥
true story

You. Are. Beautiful.