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My name is Samm, nice to meet you. I'm a very friendly person, but once you give me a reason to be a jerk to you; I will be. I was born on July 17, 1996, I'm going to be a Junior in High School this '12-'13 school year. The only reason you'll see me going to school and keeping my grades up is for sports and because I want to get outta this town. My school is super small; graduating class of 70something, I hate it. I'm a small town girl with big city dreams, I want to play softball for team USA, catcher to be exact. Softball is my life, it's pretty much all I do besides, sleep/eat/text/poop. I'm not afraid to be myself, and say things, but I can be a shy person also. I can be very awkward. I've been told I am a very good person to talk to, & that I'm great with advice, so feel free to talk to me. I don't have very many friends, because I don't trust people. Spider-man is my lover. I've only had 2 boyfriends, my ex who I dated for over 2 years and they one I have now, who has been my bestbestbest friend for over a year, and boyfriend since June 23rd, 2012. He's saved me so many times, most my newest quotes will be about him (the guy who lives 60+ miles away). Lets see here, what else can I tell you? Uh, family is everything, even though I have an older sibling who I don't consider a brother. I don't talk about him, talk to him, or write/receive letters from him in prison, wanna know the story ask. I'm a serious Christian, God is everything and anything, and I'm so thankful for everything he's ever done for me and my family. I've gone through a lot that I shouldn't of had to go through, but I'm not complaining because I know people have been through a million times worse. Um, anything else you wanna know, feel free to ask; I have a secret account, you figure it out, you're the next best thing to God, lmfao. Alright, adios bud. Bye|See ya|Adios

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