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Samantha Grace
Hi,I'm Sam.I'm sad so we'll probably get along.Just leave me a message and I will try to respond.Thanks lovies!
Follow my best friend Tyler:) His witty is TylersWitty.He follows back!


Quotes by sammilover14

That moment when you think a guy likes you,and the next week he has a new girlfriend.
And the truth is, i'm just not one of those girls guys fall in love with.

I think people treat you better if you're pretty.

Do you ever get that feeling when
you know you shouldn't get so upset
over something so little but you can't
help it?

Right now I just want to break down and cry
I want to tell someone exactly how I feel
But I can't
I have no one
I'm alone
Everyone else has been moving on
Finding someone new
And when I try to love someone,
They end up pushing me away
Finding someone better and worthy of their time
Right now I just want to break down and cry


That horrible moment when
you are in love with someone you can't have
and you just sit there smiling and telling yourself that you can move on,when you know you really can't.

It's a big,big world
And it's easy to get lost in it

She was alone,she had no one.And that wasn't right!

It hurts to see someone you love in pain.

Do you realize that the words you say leave bruises that don't fade away?

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