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hey i just met you, & my names sam. well heres my witty, so follow me maybe? oh & follow me on tumblr.




i like food & sleeping

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Well you just haven't found a girl who is ready for that much sausage yet.

Omg I mean awesome sauce

Well that escalated quickly..

But my sausage is pretty awesome if I do say myself.

plot twist- crocs become the number 1 selling shoes.
Plot twist- the genovians take home the gold.
Plot twist- I get off the computer and go outside
Plot twist- Boys also want to have fun.
the fear of peanut butter getting stuck to the roof of your mouth.
me: how are some people so attractive
me: how does dna do that
me: why doesn’t mine do that
me: how do i make it do that
me: what’s the html code
me: where’s the youtube tutorial
I just want a really cute relationship. I want one where we can go to each others houses everyday & just sit on the couch and watch Disney movies like toy story or Cinderella. I want a relationship like Jared & Savannah. I want him to hug me from behind & hold my hand where ever we go. I want to go out everywhere together. To the mall, the movies, or even just to the park to go on the swings. I want to be able to tell him everything & have him know he can tell me completely anything. I want to play wrestle with him & I want him to let me win. I want someone who's down to Earth & knows everything about me. I want him to not only be a boyfriend, but my bestfriend. I want someone who's funny & will make me smile nonstop. I want someone who will make this smile real for once. I also want someone who will ride on the ferris wheel with me & win me cute stuffed animals I can sleep with. I want to have water balloon fights & lay on a blanket outside & count the stars. I want someone who will play with my hair & suprise me with little gifts once in a while. I want to make other girls jealous by having such a cute relationship. I want cute goodmorning & goodnight texts & to have people ask "wow you're still together?". I just want someone..
Mom: I need to talk to you.
Me: *thinks of everything I've ever done wrong.*
Me: *faints*