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sanasm's Favorite Quotes

well, im writing again. it isnt pretty, but it's better than not doing it.

I had a dream about a burning house
you were stuck inside,
I couldn’t get you out
laid beside you and pulled you close
and the two of us went up in smoke




no matter how my life has changed
I keep on looking back on better days.




you said I was the most exotic flower
holding me tight in our final hours.



it isn’t that hard, boy,
to like you or love you,
I’d follow you down, down, down;
’ e  e.

— Lana Del Rey | Million Dollar Man 

don’t go chasing waterfalls,
please stick to the rivers and the lakes that you’re used to.
I know that you’re gonna have it your way or nothing at all
but I think you’re moving too fast.



i feel the urge to write but i dont know how. it's too heavy. the pen will go through the paper. i must make peace. but i cannot.
i think about you all the time
but I don’t need the same.
this isnt love

this is you using me to love yourself even more

hold on to that feeling