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Hi there!(:
The name is Sandy
I love dinosaurs, music, dancing, singing, and performing.
I wanna escape the life I live right now.
I'd love to be famous.
madalynmarie is my best friend ever (you should go check her profile out)

 Words touch the mind. Love touches the heart. Music touches the soul. <3

Quotes by sandysinger

Posting a million quotes just so one will hit

and get that little red box to explode.


I honestly can't handle this.
His ex-girlfriend is still in love with him.But he told me he's liked me longer than he's even known her.His best friend has known him longer than me, and she has been in love with him for a year, which is how long he's known me.Him and I had to stage kiss recently, and two weeks before, I found out about him liking me. I do like him, but we knew it was a bad idea, so we decided against dating...well, more like he did. It's been a year since my last relationship and this was the clostest I came toanother one. But to make my life worse, they found out about him and I. Now his friend is texting me about how much she likes him and making me feel horrible. He's flirting with me constanly and it's not helping. And on top of this, his ex is putting a guilt trip on me and saying how she still loves him and how she wants to get back together with him, and I have no response to it. I'm getting torn apart by them.
If you read this, I love you.

I just go along with whatever you want.
Cause I'm just too tired to fight with you anymore.

What if I told you that I had given up a long time ago..

..and this smile was all I had left to put on my face.

would you believe me?

The more I learn.
The more I realize how I was wrong in
the past.

When I said I wanted to listen to this song. It did not mean I wanted to listen to you singing loudly over it like a whale... 
That moment when you're taking notes and you write one word perfectly and you admire its neatness for a good ten seconds. Then you go back to writing sloppily.
 When you think up random but extremely elaborate stories of meeting celebrities in your head.

"Woahhhh, Hi there. I can add you to the list of guys I'd kiss, then walk away from like nothing happened."