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A moment of silence for all the girls who
have their period on their wedding day

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no but honestly it's christmas in like 4 days and i have never felt less christmassy in my life.

i knew you were trouble

Chapter 2
Elena's P.O.V.

I was walking silently all by my self down my town. I slowed down as I heard quiet footsteps behind me. I quickly turned to see who was walking towards me and was bewildered.
No one was there.
I continued to walk around the park just in the corner of the town, as I heard the footsteps again and refused to take notice. Other than that, I had chills down my spine and my heart was beating fast. I silently walked to the wooden bench, crunching fall leaves and sat down. I took a deep breath until someone startled me saying, "Hey." I turned to look who it was. 
It was Alex.
I quickly got up and tried to run away from him as fast as I can. He was more than trouble for me. I felt to arms dragging me behind a coffee shop as my leggings were moving back and forth, trying to break out. He took me to a dark alley and faced me.
I tried to take a deep breath and stared at Alex.
"What the hell is wrong with you?!" I yelled in anger.
"Why are you out so late?"
I sighed deeply. "You dragged me into a dark alley for that stupid question?!" He chuckled, still waiting for an answer. I stared. "I just wanted to be alone." I replied, pausing every word. "But now it's better now that I'm here." he winked.
I paused for a slight second. "It was better when you weren't."
He slammed his hand on his chest. "Oh! I didn't know you were a cold-hearted person."
I felt guilty for being so rude. "Sorry." I apologized. He looked at me with those warming eyes. "Don't be sorry. I was just being a tease." He winked. I rolled my eyes as I felt a water drop on the tip of my nose. It started sprinkling. Absolutely great. I walked out of the dark valley while Alex was walking behind me. "You need a ride?"
"I'd rather walk."
He ran up to me and picked me up over his shoulders. "Put me down!" I yelled, slapping his back. But I enjoyed it.
"I'm not letting you walk by yourself in the rain." He replied. I giggled quietly.
He put me in his car and I sighed. He went to the other side of his dirty car and opened the door to let him inside. I strapped on my seatbelt. "Ahem..nice car." I cleared my throat.
"Thanks..I stole it from a junkyard."
I rolled my eyes. "That's not a surprise." I said sarcastically. It was unbelieveable and no one can describe my fear. I can't trust Alex whatsoever. "Do you want to stay at my house?" he winked. My eyes widened. "No. I-I wanna go back to my house. Thanks for the offer." I told him the directions to my house and once we got there, we were silent for about 20 seconds. 
"Thanks for the ride." I opened the seatbelt and headed out the car door. Alex pulled my arm before I went. "Will I see you again? And will you try to ignore me?"
I was silent. It was completely awkward. "I..I don't know." I walked out and into my house.


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I'm sorry this chapter was boring.
listen to "i knew you were trouble" while reading

Me: I hate being sick and not being able to breathe out of my nose. 
Me: Now I know how Voldemort feels.
Me: And why he's always so angry.

I honestly miss you so much.
But, I don't want to see you.
I don't want to see you being happy
without me in your life anymore.

With the way things are going now,

I wouldn't care if the world ended tomorrow.


The best way to not to get your heartbroken
is to pretend you don't have one...


constantly torn between loveing Taylor Swift, or making Haylor jokes...

If you don't like me, I get it. And that's ok but I hope you get crocs for Christmas.