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My Names Sarah & im 17. i live in the boring state of Massachusetts. Im a senior this upcoming school year and i cant wait to graduate. Music is pretty much my life next to my amazing boyfriend<3 He's not just my boyfriend but my best friend. 

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Well last night i was with 2 of my best friends, one being a boy. We were just hanging out fooling around having a fun time, then he kissed me .. it was so weird. i used to have the biggest crush on him years ago and now when i dont like him like that he kisses me ? wtf. 
Well i need a Witty Best Friend(: Someone around my age, im 16. Someone that can make me laugh and doesnt mind texting even its about stupid stuff :p someone i can have the stupidest funny conversations with. 
Anybody ? ;P 
This past couple weeks ive fallen into a huge depression. My grades went from B's down to straight F's. ive gained back all the weight ive lost. I pushed all my friends away. I dont want to go to work, but im forced to. When im not in school or work i sleep. I hate this but every time i think about it, it all gets worse. 
Dear Uncle Bert, i need you more then ever right now! i cant belive its going to be almost 14 years since you've been gone. I need to hear your laugh, your voice. Laying in bed crying my eyes out as i write this, this would be the time i would be calling you and you'd be here sitting beside me holding me wiping my tears telling me everything will be okay and to keep my head up. Can it be my time to come see you know? please, id give anything. I miss you. so much. Can you come back ? only if for just one day. play me your music, call me angel? anything? please? :'( i need your hug. they were always so warm and friendly. you could get me or anyone for that matter to crack a smile so easily. I just need your hug one more time. id do anything. i just cant say it enough how much i freaking miss you :'( shine down on me angel<3 rest in paradise and play your music for everyone else, make them smile. i love you so much<3 ill be able to see you one day<3
His smile. His eyes.His personality.His everything.
I love it. I need it.
Witty ive missed you<3 I need you more then ever lately. Tonight was a disaster. I watched my Aunt and Uncle fight for hours over stupid things. I saw my aunt cry. My uncle walked out. My family is falling apart. I had to grad my baby cousin and go in the basement and keep her busy, shes 4 and doesnt deserve that. I heard my aunt say over and over again how she wanted a divorce. I cant believe this is happening. She might not be my real aunt but shes been there for me since they've been married. Her sons might not be my cousins by blood but they've been more of cousins to me then my blood cousins.  She had a little girl with my uncle and that little girl is my world. I cant deal with my family falling apart anymore. why does everything have to fall apart. 
Merry Christmas Guys <3 
Me & my boyfriend fought because i had work this morning. so we fought last night and then we both just stopped answering. then this morning this is what it was like. 

Him - hi

him- hi 

him- Hey!!


Him- im sorry about last night :(

Me- k 

Him- I am! i really love you


Him -<3 <3

me- k 

Him- Do u love me!

Me- yup. gotta go.

him- okay ily


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R.I.P to all of you<3 you're all missed very much, i hope you have a great christmas up there in heaven. Look down on all of your family and friends angels, shine down on them, they need you more then ever. I can only imagine the fear in your eyes and on your faces.You are all brave and special in your own way<3 Gone but never forgotten. Its weird to think you all died in the same place at the same time. 
                                                          December 14, 2012;<3