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All About Me(:

 Hi, I'm Sarah (: I'm 14, and im a freshmann. I love soccer. I have major trust issues. When i say im not lying.. im not. I hate when no one believes me. Words hurt so watch what you say. I dont hold grudges but if you mess with me i will mess with you back. I'm in the popluar crowd but im not a b/tch. Im a nice & genuine & funny girl. I love God so much. Hes my savior. I'm a big Christian and my love for God is everlasting, but i can't brag about my love for him because i fail him daily, but i can brag about how his love for me never fails. My life isn't what everyone thinks it is. I have a bad home life and it's hard to live. i have one best friend named Anna and she never gives up on me even when i push her away. I love her with all my heart she's like my sister<3 I'm currently like a guy  named Jamie<3 He's amazing and sweet. ahaha I'm a funnny girl who just likes to have fun :) Be strong and live life<3 Love you guys!

Quotes by sarahhh3

I never stopped loving you
I'm sorry I make mistakes.. I'm sorry I'm not good enough.. I'm sorry Im not perfect.. You're just going to have to accept me as who I am..
I saw your face again & I felt my heartbreak all over again
I thought you were different... I actually believed what you said... I actually thought you meant every word.. But turns out you were lying... Your just like every other guy..
I fell in love with you along the way
I cant love you anymore I'm sorry
You don't understand what it's like to cut yourself. To fight a battle not only with yourself but with the whole world. Stop pretending like you do.
"Jesus said to him, I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me."
You say your my best friend, but in reality you don't act like it so I'm done. You say your done with her yet you always go to her first. You say you never talk behind my back, but I know & heard you do. You say all this, but words don't matter your actions do. Stop saying all this stuff you can't act on and its not true. Stop lying. We AREN'T Best Friends anymore & quite frankly we never were. So good-bye. I'm done trying..
Showing you love someone is greater than telling them.