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Hi there my name is Sarah I'm a weird , stupid, crazy person and I love it. :) I'm a Junior. :D And I am 16 years old.

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You know you want to...
Hey you with the face! Follow me on Tumblr :) Only if your over 16 and do not scrutinize me for my anti-religious posts, its my opinion :)
To be honest Witty is diffrent and I'm not a big fan. :(
That awkward moment when...
your pulling up your tanktop and you accidently hit yourself in the face.

That awkward moment when...your peeing at school and it seems to last forever
She says shes fine, but shes going insane. She says she feels good, but shes in alot of pain. She says its nothing, but its really alot. She says shes ok, but really shes not.
You can't have a better
if your always thinking about yesterday