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found myself at your door

just like all those times before
I always feel awkward writing in these.Well anyways I'm Sarah. I'm brutally honest, probably why most people don't like me. I play the piano and guitar. My favorite bands are Panic! at the Disco, Fall Out Boy and Taking Back Sunday. I do some photography in my spare time.I'm a diehard mainaaah. Soccer and Harry Potter are my obsession.Peace Bro.XOXO.My Tumblr Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket
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             Why is Ed Sheerans voice not a candle scent yet?



cute and put-together 12 and 13 year olds
gets me so angry
they’re supposed to be awkward
with bad haircuts
they’re supposed to suffer the same way i did


I wish there were necklaces given to us at birth that were half of a unique shape and your soulmate wore the other half and they got warmer   the closer together you were and colder the further away you were so you could go on this journey when you’re ready to find your other half
so you could be spared all the pain and heartbreak of being played with by those who don’t take dating as seriously as you do.

what if
tattoos just randomly appeared on our skin
at key points in our lives
and we had to figure out
what they meant for ourselves?


This quote does not exist.

people who know me both on the internet
and in real life must be so f.cking confused.

4,000 quote.*
i just want to thank every single one of you.


          Me: Who here likes Green Day?!
          People: When is that?
          Me: Who here likes Emily's Army?!
          People: Who's Emily?
          Me: Who here likes My Chemical Romance?!
          People: No one cares about your love life, Charlie.
          Me: Who here likes Muse?!
          People: The Greek Godesses?
          Me: Who here likes Panic! at the Disco?!
          People: Do people still disco?
          Me: Who here likes Black Veil Brides?!
          People: Why do I care about goth people getting married?
          Me: Who here likes Sum 41?!
          People: Ew I hate math.

A baby's laugh is one of the most beautiful sounds you will ever hear.

Unless it's 2am.

And you're home alone.

And you don't have a baby.

All the pain and the truth
I wear like a battlewound
So ashamed, so confused
                             I        w      a      s              b      r      o      k      e      n      ,       a      n      d       b      r      u      i      s      e      d       .
Now i'm warrior
                                      n o w   I ' v e   g o t   t h i c k e r   s k i n 
I'm a warrior

I'm stronger than i've ever been.



Take your hand in mine, it starts tonight.
This is a Rebel Love Song.