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im sorry if you came here looking for quotes i dont use this website anymore at all bc literally everyone is really annoying tbh and im bored of it so + + +

Quotes by sarahthecow

does anyone know how to delete a witty account??? ;u;

but  i'm missing way too much  

so when do i give up what i've been wishing for?



i don't wanna hear that sound 
                                      of losing what i never found.

and there's justone last thingthat i have to say
as wereflect on the messof all of this i've made
it wascowardicethat made me push you away
i was so afraid cause you were so much better than me


i guess it's safe to say 
                            you're never coming back.

tina: my balls keep falling off.
kurt: i've been there.

[ glee, theatricality ]


  so why do i try?  
i know i'm gonna fall down


mercedessam just tweeted that i smell good.
sam: i won't stop till it's trending.

[ glee, the spanish teacher ]


kurti'm gonna lose unless i pull a jfk.
rachel: you're gonna shoot brittany?!

[ glee, i kissed a girl ]


brittanyi have pepperoni in my bra.
santana: those are your nipples.

[ glee, purple piano project ]