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Quotes by sararayne

You call them curse words, I call them sentence enhancers.
If people talk behind your back. it means you're ahead of them. If people try to bring you down, it means you're above them.
I want my first marriage to be my only marriage.
I didn't fall for you, you tripped me..

Don't judge my path if you haven't walked my journey.

If you don't like gay marriage, blame straight people. They're the ones that keep havin' gay babies.

You. Yes, you. The one reading this. You're beautiful, talented, amazing, & simply the best at being you. Never forget that.

while your busy trynna fit i n , imma stand o u t .. 

you might be a redneck if ;
 somebody hollers "Hoe Down" and your girlfriend hits the floor
.. ♥