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Quotes by sararayne

The good ol' days when a yo momma joke was the meanest comeback ever ! (:

Tomorrow can wait till tomorrow. It's all about tonight!
- Blake Shelton

Did it hurt ?
awee , when i fell from Heaven? (:

no , when you crawled up from Hell!

did you fall from Heaven?
cuz your face is pretty messed up!(;

man who stands in front of car, gets tired (;

We all gotta hillbilly bone down deep inside, no matter where your from you just cant hide it.
Blake Shelton ;

When its sunny in Seattle and snowin' down in New Orleans. That's when I'll stop lovin' you<3.

- Blake Shelton ; <3

You dont get another chance. life is no nintendo game.
- Eminem >3
You turned out to be the best thing i never had <3
are you a pirate ?
cuz i want your booty (;