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Quotes by sarasweetie

everyone out there is gunna hurt you. because everyone only cares about themselves, whats best for them. people are ignorant, selfish, two faced liars who don;t care who they hurt or how bad they hurt them. so never listen to anyone who tells you how much you mean to them, because they will find someone better. there is always someone better. so suck it up and accept the power you are given. you have the power to leave, so leave . leave them standing there, they'll run after you but keep running. because the only time they'll run after you is when they need something from you, or when they realize they will eventually need you for something. so keep running, if anyone ever pulls one of their moves on you that makes you feel like they found something better. because when they finally realize they can't catch you anymore, theyll realize what mistake they made. but no big deal , because like reality states, they will find something better .
don't give in girls

forget him , just like he forgot you .

 why did you make me feel like i was everything ,
and then once i finally believed it ,
you left me feeling like i was 'nothing'.












                                          he said,

the most beautiful thing in the world is her smile ;
and the best feeling in the world is knowing i made it





















here's to the girls ..

who pour their hearts out on witty,
try making things rhyme,

spend hours making it look the best it can,

and actually provide a good, life teaching quote;
but never get a top quote because the top quotes are too full of :


and song lyrics .

is love really worth fighting for ?  

- after my war, i realized it isn't ..

do you know how it feels to lose your whole world, to lose everything and anything you wanted ?
do you know how hard it is to watch the one person you wish would stay the longest , leave ?
do you know how much it hurts when you don't want to let someone go, but have too ?
do you know how it feels to miss someone so much, it takes over your life ?
do you know the fear of not being able to love someone else ?
do you know how hard it is being attached to someone, who pushes you away ?
do you know what it's like to not be able to move on ?
do you know that i love you still, and that i always did ?


do you know that no matter how many nights you make cry,
or how many times you leave without a goodbye,

that the second you come back,
i, with open arms, will allow you back in my life.
i'm my biggest problem .
i'm the one who allows the 'heartbreaker' back in .



do you know how hard that is ?

to be walked all over, all because he knows how much i love him . 

you'll never be over him.
no matter how much he hurt you,
no matter how many other guys you meet,
you  never will .
if you can honestly say,
"i'm over him"
then you never loved him in the first place.

you know what hurts; when the person who means everything to you ..
finds someone better.