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hey guyss it looks like you have stumbled apon my witty(:im Eva.I'm 14 years young i blow out the candles on May 19th(;andd my life as a teen is pretty normal.well except for all of my crazy friends in it!They are always there for me.and i love them for that.They always listen to me and i can count on them(:we have had sooo many great times.i love them sooo muchh,they pretty much make my life a million times better(; my current witty bestfriends are ourlastsummer,sparklesxo,and niaaaxoxo<333(:andd i also listen to music pretty much 24/7(: i do ballet and i absolutely love it and,i hate it when people say its not a sport because it is!it is a proven study that it takes more athletic skills and ability than football! sooo ha(:yeeahh welll thats pretty much itt.alrightt thanks for stopping byy(; follow for a follow(: follow me on instagram@evaa_kobylarr

Quotes by scballetgirl19

seeing that you dont understand my silence,
how will you ever understand my world?



truth is,i miss you.
every hour,every second,every day.


Have you ever wondered which hurts the most:
saying something, and wishing you hadnt.
saying nothing and wishing you had,when you had the chance.


im selfish,impatient,and a little insecure.
i make mistakes, im out of control.
but if you cant handle me at my worst,
you dont deserve me at my best.

~Marylin Monroe~


Relatble posts #2:
i hate texting people first.

i feel annoying and

when they dont respond.

Me: youre the reason i get up in the morning<333
Him: awe(: really?
nmf, followme(:
Me: hahahaa lololol nope. i have to go to school.
nmf, followme(:


relatable posts #1
automatically saying shiitt
when you do
something wrong(;

fav for series?


hiiii(: ,
sooo today is the day i came into this world,fourteen years ago(:
fourteen favs to
make it
an extra special day

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