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It's hard to swin
in a world so shallow
Heyy! I'm 15 and I like to write stories here on witty.
I just started writing so i don't expect them to be 
that good but I try!
Also any feedback for my stories is always helpful.
Like just a simple comment or fav is greatly appreciated.
I don't really want people I know finding my witty
so thats why I dont have a pic of myself.
Just a little bit about me:
My sports are soccer, snowbaording, and wakeboarding.
I am a very active and competative person.
Also if you wanna talk just chat me sometime!
Unless I'm in the middle of something I can almost
always chat:)
Thanks for visiting my profile!
Pip pip a doodly doo!
Pip pip a doodly doo!

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why do girls obsess over their weight so much?  it's freaking annoying.
                         boys: ew fat chicks.

This quote does not exist.

hey rebecca black,
girl yo momma told you to take the bus. not hope in a convertible with your underage friends.
dumb biitch.

 Dear Spongebob, You live in Bikini Bottom and you are super absorbant. Face it, you are a tampon.

i dont neea perfect relationship,





Drake: I made it! I finally signed my contract. Now I have millions of dollars.Is there anything you want? I’ll give you anything you want.
Drake’s Grandma:You have a million dollars?!!
Drake: No grandma, I have millions of dollars! I can get you anything! What do you want?
Drake’s Grandma: I just want a hug and a kiss.

Ásshole has 7 letters, so does youuuuu.
Coincidence? I think not.


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It's cute
when  someone  stays  up  late
just  to  talk  to  you.♥