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my life?
Mary. 13. single and ready to mingle. jk. im in love with my best friends boyfriend. it's confusing., but regardless., i like kisses on my forehead and tend to dance around my kitchen like a fool. i guess im sort of a cutter. ive done it 3 times now, but idk if that makes it a fact. katy perry and taylor swift are my life. JB is cool too. i can't wait fall in love and get married. catholic, but i don't believe in everything and it annoys me that god never answers my prayers. the wish fairy sucks balls., since my wishes never come true. i need everyone to be happy with what im doing at all times and freak out when they're not. i guess im the sweetest bitch you'll ever meet. oh, and im really fucking pissed at my dad all  the time. i live with my mom, and my dad lives 2.30 hours away. i know that doesn't sound like much, but it is. especially when your mom and dad are always fighting about who drives me places. oh, what a lovely family i have. im somewhat anorexic. i don't really consider myself that  anymore, but i barely eat anything so yeah.

this is my life, deal with it.   
December 13, 2010. 
well today sucked.  it was the first day i really had to deal with my friend and the guy im in love with's relationship. lovely. i cried 3 times, and had a breakdown 2nd period, went to the bathroom and started scratching my legs. hard. so yeah. today sucked. 

December 16, 2010
things are getting better. i have hope. 

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hi. just a story. 
once upon a time, there was a girl who fell madly in love with a boy. well he liked her best friend, so that girl had to wait. then they broke up and she thought she would finally get a chance. but no, he liked a different girl. but she didn't like him. the girl was sick of waiting, so she got a boyfriend. then she realized how wrong she was and didn't try to stop her boyfriend, which she could've easily done when he broke up with her. meanwhile, her best friend (different one) started dating the boy behind her back. the girl became so upset, she cut herself. the next day, once everything was out and everyone knew, people became upset. there was yelling, and he broke up with his girlfriend. things weren't good after that. there was fighting, and a lot. but days after, things got better. the boy and the other girl got back together,

and the girl fell in love with the ginger. ( lol, jk. she's still in love with the other kid and she always will be.)

seeing you [ex] and thinking

oh god, i love him.  but I'll just tell 
my friends this for now.

how did i ever love HIM?


just in case anyone cared:

i chose the one who loves me, over the one i love. and so far, it's frickin awesome. 

SO, that guy who loves me?

he's been telling people he has a girlfriend. named mary from WeHa.

so, im mary. and im from WeHa. 


so. remember that guy, that loves me?
we have nothing in common. at all. he hates my favorite band, never heard of my favorite movie, year older, different town everything basically. all he texted me when we were together was i love you.

but that guy, that i love?
we have everything in common. he loves my favorite band, likes my favorite movie, same age, walking distance houses. almost everything. and i wanna go out with him, so bad.

but god hates me, so nothing ever works out for me and the guy i love likes someone else and the guy that loves me I just can't be with. i'd be with him because the guy i love wouldn't be with me. and i can't do that to someone. i just couldn't. 

but should i?
im just really confused. 

hello wittiers, 

i need some help. as you might  know, im in love with this guy. qwertyuiop. he needs some time of me not mentioning the fact i like him basically. but last night, this other person asdfghjkl told me he loves me. and i sorta like him, but i love qwertyuiop, like ALOT. so know i have to figure out who i want to be with. the musician, my best friend, the guy im in love with. OR the athlete, the one who'll fight for me, who's willing to wait for me, the one who loves me.

and i have no idea who to pick. PLEASE HELP! 

dear mom, 

it's almost 1:30 am. There's been a bunch of drama going on.

I just picked up my heavy wheelie chair and walked across my room with it so you wouldn't wake up.

see what i do for you?