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what do you want to be when you grow up?

two months into our relationship you asked me how much i loved you and i just said "from here." you didnt get it and you got mad and thought i was playing around.
breaking up after almost two years together, i sent you a message 6 months later saying, "to here."
you still didnt get it.



Fine. Don't respond to my text. I like witty better than I like you anyways.

Everyone asks me

"Why do you like him?"

 I could write books, and still you'd never understand.

it's kind of cute.

when girls get jealous,
world war III is about to start.


if a guy whistles at you,
{ don't respond }
you're a lady, not a dog..


forgeterr's signature format. Please don't remove credit. Or I will hunt you down. You do NOT want to get on my bad side.

bes relationship?
                                                                       when you can act like lovers & best friends at the same time.

"Don't date the most beautiful girl in the world, date the girl that makes your world most beautiful."


-Wiz Khalifa

c a n  i  b o r r o w  a  k i s s?

i promise i'll give it back.


If you've ever been called


put this as your quote
[]'s it