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Hello my name is Sarah or Say Rah D! im a cheerleader and i completly love my friends i start out being very confusing but if you can earn my trust ill know and love you for life!

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90% of people marry their

7th-12th grade love ♥

Since you have read this, you will be told good news tonight.

IF you don’t repost this, your worst week starts now...

Bennett- i love you with my whole heart i wish you didn't have to go you were my everything, you were only 16, it was your birthday, forever i will remember you and forever you will be my very best ninja friend, i love and miss you but i know your doing well. you were always there for me you were someone i could always talk to i know that your still with me and i will never think twice about that. you my friend were just a plain amazing person you would have wheel chairs races when you were in the hospital suffering from lung and brain cancer instead of just sitting in a bed all day. i could tell you anything and you would listen and always make me laugh even when i was in the worst mood. thank you for everything, i just wish i could be as an amazing friend as you where and still are.

Rest in Peace Bennett Kyle Jones, October 31, 1993-October 31, 2009. You will forever be my ninja best friend.


You were the one who would always be there for me when i needed someone to talk to- whenever i wanted to let my feelings out, you were there to actually listen to me.

you were the friend that i always really wanted and i got you-but now your sick {you have lung and brain cancer} when i was told i felt like curling up and start crying.

i can't lose you -not now- i don't know how i could handle it. 

You ALWAYS  made me laugh { when i was talking to you when you were in the hospital and told me that you were having wheel chair races-i realized that nothing will ever bring you down}} 

Stay strong Bennett for love is way stronger then any sickness or pain- i love you and hope you know that. 

You will always be in mine and Jessie's hearts.
I'm thinking about you alllll the time-
i know you'll be ok...<3

Love you forever,
AND have you ever had that one special moment were all you wanted to do

was scream-

i want a cookie!!

in the middle of class!!!

but you stoped yourself because you didnt want people to think you were a fatty???

or is that just me!

You were friends over the summer,
but when we have to go back to school, you slowly loose the friendship,
i guess you just thought that she was better,
you know more popular, funnier, cooler.
i guess you just wanted a friend for the summer, and that was all.
why do you just have to be that way?!?
are friendship was supposed to last. you said we'd be BFFL.

i guess you lied, for you found someone to take my place and now we barley ever talk.